Uses for GoPro HD Cameras?

The GoPro HD Hero series are digital cameras that you can wear yourself or mount on your vehicles or surfboards so you can take your own action videos and photos. The portability, versatility and sheer durability of these digital wonders allow you to record most any activity you do yourself, hands free.

What follows is a list of uses of GoPro Cameras we've compiled from those who have tried these mountable contraptions. If you're ever at a loss on where else to "deploy" your GoPro HD Helmet cam, refer to the roll below and you'll never run out of ideas!

1. Extreme sports. This has to top the list. After all, GoPro made these tools specifically to capture the most exciting sporting moments. When you're skydiving, you can always attach a Helmet Hero to your headgear so you can get a video of your entire "flight." Rock climbing is also another sport that allows you to record great views, especially when you've reached the summit. For water sports, an HD Surf Hero is a great accompaniment to your next wave adventure. Mount it on your surfboard and you capture yourself in all your drenched glory (or shame) as you tackle the pounding surf successfully or get under it. If you've ever contemplated swimming with the sharks, then you can always wear a GoPro Camera to relieve the thrill and show off to your friends and family back home (unless you get eaten, of course). From rally driving to motorbike racing to skiing, name it and your GoPro Camera can record the whole experience for you. 

2. Training. Football, soccer and rugby coaches often let players wear GoPro Cameras to enable them to review certain moves and evaluate its efficacy or lack of it, for their next competitive game. While any member of the coaching staff can always take hand-held videos of any practice session, a wide angle view from the eyes of a player himself will let him fully understand why his move was off or whether he could have used other methods or ways of entry and exit. Moreover, coaches will also find that these cameras record good quality audio too. They can review how their words can affect the quality of a player's game and can then repeat words that encourage and refrain from using those that don't to maximize performance in their next outing.

3. Law Enforcement. Law enforcement officials can also use these hands-free devices to capture their training and live operations to for documentary and evidence purposes. Fire marshals investigating burnt buildings for arson and policemen reviewing the scene of the crime will always find a GoPro HD indispensable in solving cases. It gives them details that they might have overlooked during their scrutiny of the area. This is one very important use of a GoPro Camera.

4. Regular Activities. Use it with you as take a stroll down your neighborhood or visit a new and bustling city. Nothing beats being able to review your tour with your own eyes. Mount it on your kids' heads while you're playing and review fun family moments afterwards. Use it to capture the sunrise or sunset from your own eyes.

5. Make movies. With programs readily available online to edit videos, you can edit your videos and create movies with your GoPro Cameras.

These are the uses of GoPro Cameras. If you care to look, it's practically used for capturing all of life. Cool, isn't it?